They don’t make ’em like they used to…

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During some Spring cleaning at Great Northern Resort, we found this old photograph. We love it! It is being framed as we speak. As a commercial outfitter we are not allowed to do this (the US Forest Service and our insurance company would not be amused!), but it would certainly be a very fun trip down the whitewater section of the Middle Fork of the Flathead […]

Glacier National Park and Great Northern Railway – a parallel history

The restored Red Caboose belonged to the Great Northern Railway
Resting at the top of the country a few miles from Canada, Glacier National Park stands quietly regal – known, but still pristine and largely untouched.  Its tacit splendor has been preserved and draws nearly 2 million visitors each year, though most of those stick close to the roads and hotels and relatively few venture deeper into the heart of the park.

It encompasses more than a million acres, includes two ranges of the Rocky Mountains, and is home to a breathtaking array of plants and animals. An estimated 300 Grizzly […]