August is Inflatable Kayak month! The rapids are so much fun and more intense in one of these smaller crafts. We have singles for the super adventurous and doubles for those who would like to share the experience with someone else. These two ladies had never gone down the Middle Fork of the Flathead river in an Inflatable Kayak before, and they LOVED it!

August is Inflatable Kayak month! August is Inflatable Kayak month!

Do you not want rapids at all? An Inflatable Kayak is also fun on the scenic section of the river where there are no rapids!


Rafting the boundary of Glacier National Park is also still an option, the river is so clear and beautiful! You can lean out of the boat and spot fish in between rapids!

See you on the water! Call us on 406 387 5340 or 800 735 7897 and we can help you with any questions you may have.



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