August Report and other happenings in Glacier National Park

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Rafts and Inflatable Kayaks go out together
It’s August already! What is new this month? Well, the river we raft on which is the south western boundary of Glacier National Park has fully cleared up and is quite a bit higher than it usually is by this time of year due to our heavy snowpack last winter. The water is now the beautiful emerald green that we are used to seeing in all the lakes in the Park. It is now so clear that you are able to see the beautiful big boulders, colorful river rocks and spry […]

Summer Fun in Full Swing!

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Oh summer, it always takes you a while to get here but once you are here, you do not disappoint!

It is almost the 4th of July. June went by so quickly!
We have sunshine, fabulous water for rafting, beautiful flowers for us and guests to enjoy and a full staff ready to guide you through some of the most wonderful outdoor experiences of your vacation.

Whitewater Rafting

We had had high snowpack this year, so the river level is staying pretty steady at around 7 feet. At this level, some of the traditional rapids are […]

A Montana Spring

We are so excited, it finally looks like Spring has arrived to West Glacier! We have so many exciting things going on that we need to share them with you.


Great Northern Railway Café presents Oso Catering!

Great Northern presents Eric and Sarah of Oso Catering!
Oso Catering is a food concession and catering company with a smoking habit. Our delicious apple-wood smoked meats are combined with fresh ingredients and sauces to create unique and delicious dishes. It’s not BBQ style, its Oso style!

Eat lunch in glacier surrounded by history and scenery. Meals are […]

Winter in Northwest Montana

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So what were we up to all winter? Northwest Montana is gorgeous in the winter covered with a fluffy, white blanket of snow. The pace of life slows down a little, which we very much enjoy after a fun, busy summer! However, we do stay busy with upcoming summer reservations and projects, such as new websites and construction.

New Websites!

I hope everyone likes the new websites! Carl (General Manager/River School Head Instructor), Kelsey (Wedding & Events Coordinator/Marketing) and Jordan (Office Manager) have all been very busy writing all the content and making sure the websites […]